WTF is ??

  • Send any request (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE) into your bucket.
  • Verify that outgoing connections are passing firewalls or whatever...
  • Inspect requests send by rules from your software.

RequestNULL gives you a bucket that will collect GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE requests send to it and let you see them in a user-friendly way. Use RequestNULL to see what your client/server is sending or to inspect and debug other kind of requests.

CURL Example

curl -v -X GET '' -H 'some-header: req0.rockz'

Bucket data will be deleted after 24 H every day.

Create a new Bucket

News from

[06-02-2018] Custom return code

You can now set a custom return code for your response.

[05-14-2018] Share your bucket

You can now send a link to your friends, if they need access to your bucket.. see the box in your bucket..

[05-11-2018] Now you can use subdomains

Now you can use subdomains to send your requests to. We got some messages that most services or libs need this.. so enjoy..